Adding Google Webmaster Tools

Adding Google Webmaster Tools is a great step towards ensuring your site gets properly indexed by Google. It's also a valuable tool to help evaluate the integrity and overall health of your website. The following steps will walk you through adding Google Webmaster Tools to your website.

Step 1

Go to You will see a dropdown list of common integrations that you can add to your website.

Step 2

Select Google Webmaster Tools from the dropdown.

Step 3

Add the verification code given to you by Google Webmaster Tools for the website. Blux currently supports either using the meta tag verification option or verification via Google Analytics.

Step 4

Go to and Publish the site. Once you Publish & Go Live with your site, the integration will be able to be verified by Google Webmaster Tools.

Step 5

Verify the site in Google Webmaster Tools and you're done! One other thing that might be valuable once you've verified your site are the sitemap and robots files on your site, all of which are automatically created and updated whenever you create content and publish your website. You can find these files at