Adding social profile links allows website visitors to easily access your social profiles.

Step 1

Go to the Settings > Social Accounts section of the Blux app.

Step 2

Add in all of the social network profiles which you'd like to link to. It should be noted that adding your accounts will be useful for many possible uses across your website, even beyond just having social profile links.

Step 3

Now that your social accounts have been added to your site, go to any of the pages (or templates, navigation or footers if adding social links is something you want to add sitewide) and add a block to your page.

Step 4

In the Block Editor panel, check the MEDIA / FORM / MAP / HTML box. When you select the media, it will open up a layer that gives many options on which types of media to add to a page. Select the "Social" option from the menu. Make sure the SOCIAL TYPE is set to "Links". You can now add any of your connected social accounts. Once you've selected the accounts you'd like to add, click the SAVE SETTINGS button.


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