Free and Automatic SSL is included on all websites

Blux provides automatic free SSL certificates for your domains though Let's Encrypt. Once you add your domains to your site in the settings screen and update your domain DNS settings to point to blux you can enable SSL by clicking on the "CREATE/RENEW BLUX SSL" button in settings > domains > advanced domain options. Once this is set the renewal of the certificates with your domains will be automatic. You can use this button to generate new certificates if you add domains to your site.

How do I force people to use a secure page (https)?

By default Blux does NOT automatically redirect visitors to a specific domain. During the process of adding and configuring your domain or transferring a domain from another hosting provider a 301 redirect setting would cache in you and your visitors browser for a long time. Once your website is working and your settings are to your liking you can enable the advanced setting "Redirect All Domains To Primary Domain." Enabling this setting will automatically redirect all visitors to the secure (https) version of your primary domain name. It is good SEO practice to have try to use a single domain as the primary domain in all of your settings.

In Settings > Domain click on "Advanced Domain Options"
Enable "Redirect All Domains To Primary Domain"