Using Block Templates

Block templates allow you to create re-usable multi-block templates. Whenever you have blocks that are used more than once on your site and could potentially need to be changed in the future, use a block template to help automate those changes.

You can of course just duplicate blocks and use them, however, if you want to be able to easily change that same block everywhere it is used on the site, use a block template.

Step 1: Create A template Block

Add blocks to the "Templates" section of the content tab in the main (left) menu.

Template blocks may contain any level of sub-blocks necessary to create the template.

Step 2: Use The Template Block

Create a new block where you wish to use a template block. When editing the block near the top of the settings tab there is the option to set the block to use one of your template blocks that you have created in step 1.

Step 3: Editing Content on a Block Using a Template

When a block is set to use a template you are allowed to change the following parts of the block that will retain on the block. If you do not change any of these settings they will inherit from the template:
  • Title Text
  • Body Text
  • Media
  • Background Media
  • Buttons
  • Background Color
  • Background Layer Color