Managing Redirects

When migrating or rebuilding an existing website into Blux, it's important to make sure you have no broken links on your website as URL's may change. Making sure your links are all working is important for search engines, sites that link to you and any bookmarks your users may already have. The following steps will walk you through how to update your 301 redirects.

Step 1

Build your incredible new website in Blux. Get everything as you need. Dot your i's and cross your t's. Make sure all of your URL's are exactly as you want them to be.

Step 2

Create a spreadsheet in your favorite, overly exciting, spreadsheet application (we like Google Docs but Numbers and Excel are great too). List out all of your old URL's as well as their corresponding new URL's. For example, OLD vs. NEW In this scenario, anyone that types in will automatically be redirected to

Step 3

Go to SETTINGS > REDIRECTS in the Blux app. Add each of your redirects one at a time, line by line. You will also have the option to make the redirects either permanent (301) or temporary (302) as you enter them in the Blux app.

Step 4

Go to SETTINGS > DOMAIN and add your custom domain name to your site. Then make sure your domain is pointed properly.

Step 5

Publish your site. Once published, your site should work using your custom domain and your redirects should be working perfectly. Make sure to test the redirects out to make sure everything is working as intended.