Managing BUTTONs

Buttons are used across websites for many  are typically found within text regions of your website. Blux allows you to easily control the look and interactions of links across your entire website.

Step 1

Navigate to the Design > Links & Buttons section within the Blux app.

Step 2

Click one of the buttons within the LINKS & BUTTONS section. Since you could possibly have multiple buttons on your site, be sure to click the button you're trying to edit.

Step 3

Clicking a particular button style will open the BUTTON STYLE EDITOR panel on the page, displaying a number of options, which will allow you to specify the look and feel of the button styles across your website.

Step 4

Now that you've created the style of a button, it's time to add a button to the various blocks, navigation or footer on your website. Adding buttons is a very easy process. Simply navigate to a section of your site in which you'd like to add a button. In the BLOCK EDITOR column you will see ADD BUTTON. When clicked, it will add as many buttons as you like to that section of your site. From there, you can modify button text, links and which button style you'd like to display.

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