Managing FormS & Submissions

Forms are used on nearly all websites for inquiries, mailing lists, job submissions, event registrations, and many more scenarios. Blux has a powerful system for building forms, as well as easily managing submissions from those form.

Step 1

Build a form
You can build one or any number of forms that you'll need on your website, then apply them to various pages on your website.
Go to Content > Forms and add a new form to your website.
Manage form settings, fields and confirmation messages.

Step 2

Add the form to a page
Navigate or build the page of your site that you want to have the form in. Then add the form to the correct page block.  It's important to note that within Blux, forms can be built once, then reused on as many pages as necessary.
Locate the page you want to add the form to and select it. Then select the block you want to add the form to.
In the right column, locate the MEDIA / FORM / TABLE / CUSTOM ELEMENT switch and turn it ON.
Select the from from the selection window. Once selected, the form will be added to your selected page block.
Thank you for your submission.

Step 3

Publish your website
Navigate to the Hub screen and locate the Publish button on the bottom left corner of the screen. Publish your website. Once published, your form will be available for your website visitors to use.

Step 4

Test the form
Navigate to your published website. Test the form a few times to ensure all of the settings you gave the form are working properly.

Step 5

View your test submissions
In the Blux App, navigate to Hub > Submissions. You should see the test submissions you performed on your published website. All future submissions will be automatically added to the Submissions section of the Blux app. You will also be able to tag, export, archive and delete all submissions.