Managing WebSite Fonts

Blux has several thousand fonts to choose from. Within the Blux app, you will find the entire library of Adobe Typekit and Google Fonts as well as standard web fonts. All fonts, including Adobe Typekit fonts are offered free of charge to Blux users. You are also not required to set up an account with any other font provider as all font selections are made from within the Blux app.

Step 1

View site fonts
Navigate to theDesign > Typographysection within the Blux app. In this section, you will see all font styles that can be used and reused across your entire website. By default, there are TITLE, SUB-TITLE, BODY TEXT and SUB-BODY TEXT styles as default options on your website. You can modify those styles as well as add as many other styles you want across your entire website.

Step 2

Modify or add font styles
Select an existing font style or add a new one. Once selected, design options can be managed within the right panel. There are many options for font styling such as font face, colors, spacing, and line height.

Step 3

Apply font styles to blocks within your website.
By default, all of the TITLE, SUB-TITLE, BODY TEXT and SUB-BODY TEXT styles will be applied to all sections of your website. If you update them one time in the DESIGN > TYPOGRAPHY section, they will be updated across every page and block on your website. If you'd like to overwrite one of these sections on your website, it's easy to do so.
Navigate to a page block where you want to adjust the font style.
Select the section you wish to swap to a new font style then click the style in the right column.
Select the new style you'd like to set and it will immediately apply to the selected block.

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