Paying for Your Websites

Blux has simple payment plans which have no long-term commitments. Plans are designed to work for any size website.

Starter Plans

Starter plans are pay-as-you-go plans which charge a small monthly fee plus only what sites consumer. Starter plans are designed to work for smaller, low-traffic websites which can be accomplished without any assistance. Plans are $5 per month + $1 per each GB of storage + $1 per each GB of bandwidth utilized within a monthly period. The first 1 GB of storage and bandwidth is free. There are no long-term contracts and all payments are made on a monthly basis.

Example scenario: is storing 3GB of files and is consuming 11GB of bandwidth. They will pay the base $5 monthly fee, $2 for storage (first GB free) and $10 for bandwidth (first GB free), resulting in a total monthly cost of $17.

Premium Plans

Premium plans are the suggested option for most websites. Premium plans are a flat fee of $199 per month and include unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth for a website.

Accepted Forms of Payment

Currently, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are accepted forms of payment. No checks, cryptocurrencies or other forms of payment are currently accepted.

Paying for a site

All websites can be worked on free of charge until published live. Once ready to pay for a website, adding a credit card is a straightforward process.


Click the All Sites menu by accessing the hamburger icon on the top of the main navigation.


Access the Billing button located on the bottom of the expanded All Sites menu.


Add a payment method. For added convenience, you can add as many payment methods as you like and apply any of them to as many sites as you wish.


Select the STARTER or PREMIUM plan. Selecting the plan will immediately start billing for the month on a pro-rated monthly basis. Plans and payment methods can be modified at any time.

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