Pointing A custom domain name To A Website

Blux has made it simple to add a custom domain name to your website. Below you will find instructions on how to point your custom domain name to Blux.

Part 1: DNS Settings for your domain

Enter your domain name to generate instructions for your domain that you can use to update your DNS settings or send to the support person that will handle it for you.

Part 2: Adding the domain in Blux

Navigate to the Settings > Domain section within the Blux app.

Step 2

Within the Settings > Domain section of the Blux app, you will see the details of your website domain. By default, your website has a randomized Blux subdomain that was generated when you first created your website. That subdomain can always be accessed at all times. To add your custom domain name, type it in the CUSTOM DOMAIN NAME field.

Step 3

If you have additional sub-domains or have purchased additional domains for your website you may add them as alias domains so that your website will be accessible from all of those domains. 

Note: Blux automatically sets the canonical URL in the HTML/code for your pages to ensure there are no negative SEO issues from having multiple domains.

Step 4

Within the Settings>Domains section of Blux there should be a green text message indicating that the domains are pointed correctly or if there are any issues.

When your settings are correct, publish your website to ensure all links and settings configured for your updated domain name.

Note: Changes to DNS can be instantaneous or take up to 72 hours before all of your visitors computers will be using the updated settings. If you believe you have followed our instructions properly and the settings are not working correctly please contact our support team for help with troubleshooting. 

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