Preparing responsive Images

Editing images for use across responsive websites can be tricky and time consuming. Blux takes a lot of the effort out of the way by automatically converting your images for use across all devices. Within the Blux app, you can either load up just one image, which will be automatically optimized and served to any device, or you can upload specific images at very specific screen sizes.

Blux recommends that you upload the largest necessary image size that will be used. For images that will fill the entire browser width or height that will be a minimum of 2400 pixels. If the image will only ever use half of the screen width it is safe to upload an image at only around 1400 pixels wide. Any image uploaded to Blux will be automatically resized to display the smallest file size possible while retaining the highest display quality for the device viewing the page. You only need to provide the largest version of the image that will be displayed and Blux will reduce the image as needed based on the device and position/size on the page that it is being displayed on.

Accepted File Types

The following file types can be uploaded to your site:
  • .svg (recommended for vector graphics)
  • .png (recommended for pictures or other images)
  • .jpg, .jpeg
  • .gif