Support / Search engine optimization

There are 3 major aspects to Search Engine Optimization to get right for your site to rank as high as possible in search engines.
  • 1. On-Site SEO: Technicals
  • 2. On-Site SEO: Content
  • 3. Off-Site SEO: Backlinks!

On-Site SEO Technicals. Handled by Blux.

Blux handles all of the hardest technical aspects to getting SEO handled perfectly on your site:

Responsive mobile-friendly pages that display correctly on any device from mobile phones to tablets to large displays.

Perfect W3C validated code.

Super fast page loading speeds (the hardest technical accomplishment for SEO)

Proper meta data, meta tags, schema, site map and all of the other small technical rules are handled for you.

301 Redirects for migrating content or old sites

On-Site SEO: Content

Blux provides the tools you need to be able to handle the part of SEO that only you can properly handle; your content. Title and meta description tags for your pages with character limits built-in. Define your own URL's for pages.

Blux provides you with an SEO hub to quickly overview your content to ensure you have set the right title, description, url and keyword density. To use this feature in Blux go to the Hub of your site and select the "SEO" option from the left menu.

The SEO section of the hub also lets you compare your old site map to your new site in order to ensure all of your existing URL's have content or are properly redirected to your new content in order to not lose out on historical rankings for your content.

Off-Site SEO: Backlinks

Since the technicals are handled by Blux and you've updated all of your content it's time for the 3rd part of ranking high in search engines: Backlinks!

Getting other legitimate and high ranking websites with relevant content to link to your relevant content is extremely beneficial in helping your site rank higher in search results.

You can learn more in-depth about that over at MOZ.