Supported Web browsers

One of the great things about Blux is that it's always being upgraded to work great with the latest web browsers and takes advantages of opportunities to deliver an outstanding experience. The following is a list of supported web browsers on both the Blux app as well as published websites.

Published "Live" Sites

One of the most time consuming parts of creating websites is making sure it works fast and looks great on the browser and device the visitor is using. This list will evolve over time as we monitor trends and usage statistics to ensure Blux published sites work on the most browsers/devices actually being used in the wild.

Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge are "evergreen" browsers which automatically update and their more recent versions will always be supported. The following browsers which do not automatically update are also supported:
  • Safari 9 and newer
  • Android Browser 4.3 and newer
  • Internet Explorer 11 and newer

This covers 98% of browsers currently used in the world.

The Blux App

The Blux App itself works on all modern "evergreen" browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge as well as the latest Safari for iOS and OSX.