What technologies does Blux Use?

Blux is engineered to be fast and awesome so you can build fast awesome websites.

The Blux App

The Blux app is a progressive web app that is capable of operating without a network connection*. This design choice helps make the Blux app fast and usable even with unreliable wifi or mobile data connections. While connected your changes sync with the Blux servers and your changes are then distributed to other connected clients. This helps ensure that multiple people can edit the same website collaboratively without overwriting each others changes.

Published Websites

All files for published websites are published to Amazon S3 and the  HTML, CSS and JavaScript is cached and delivered using Redis and NGINX on Amazon EC2 and all media files cached and delivered using Amazon CloudFront. 


The Blux servers run using node.js on Amazon EC2 with Redis for caching and pub/sub with data stored using Amazon S3.

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