Create the world's fastest websites
BLUX gives you the power to build completely custom responsive websites for your business, agency or clients.
BLUX is the only responsive website platform that gets perfect scores for speed, standards-compliance & mobile rendering
Websites built using BLUX get 100 out of 100 scores on Google PageSpeed Insights
BLUX generates responsive websites that work great on mobile devices
Create W3 standards-compliant code while designing your websites within BLUX

"When we took the BLUX platform under our daily workflow for our clients, we immediately sped up and enhanced the ability to take on many more clients. The tremendous web-building options available allows us to quickly prototype and fully launch complete sites that can compete with anything out there. What used to take days to develop can now be done in hours."

"Blux allows us to design beautiful custom sites with a user-intuitive CMS in a fraction of the time of the traditional design-to-programmer workflow."

"You can literally design anything you want in your favorite design program, then import or start assembling it in Blux. Understand Blux's workflow, and you can rival any pure-play web developer in the world. It's that powerful!"

"Websites are conceptualized, designed and launched with amazing speed. The learning curve is quick and our Creative department appreciates the speed in which their concepts and designs are brought to life. Plus, the support from the Blux team is invaluable."

BLUX Was Built For Infinite Scale Using A Finely-Tuned Configuration Built On Top Of Amazon Web Services
  • Nothing To Set Up
  • Static Deployment to Amazon S3
  • Delivery Using Amazon EC2 & Cloudfront
  • Minimal Markup & Dependencies
  • Automatic Image Optimization Per Device

BLUX Automates The Process Of Making Sure Your Website Is Search Engine Optimized

  • Perfect Google Pagespeed scores
  • HTTPS (free, instant SSL)
  • Pass Google Mobile-Friendly Test
  • Active SEO recommendations
  • Automated broken link checker
  • Standards-compliant HTML & CSS
  • Automatic sitemap.xml
  • Robots.txt
  • Minimal image footprint
  • Minimal code on each page
  • Site caching
  • GZip compression
  • Google Webmaster Tools integration
  • Semantic HTML markup
  • Custom, search-friendly URL's

Client Management

Easily manage many clients from one interface.

Unlimited Websites

Build all your websites from one account.

Team Collaboration

Work with your production team in real-time.

Staging + Live Sites

Safely test updates prior to going live.

Streamlined Reviews

Get seamless design feedback from clients.

Design Automation

Rapidly scale designs across websites.