Blux Platform Pricing

No credit card or payment required to sign up
No long-term agreements to deal with
100% free until your website is published


A pay-as-you-go solution, ideal for smaller websites
From $5 per month, per website

1st GB Bandwidth Included for free

Additional GB just $1 / GB

1st GB Storage Included for free

Additional Storage just $1 per GB

Self-service support

Access a self-service portal for troubleshooting your website. Email Blux Pro Support a receive 24-48 hour response times.


Unlimited use, support and workflow tools for business websites
$199 per Month, Per Website

Unlimited Bandwidth

Never worry about spikes in traffic or overages again. Blux is built to scale on top of Amazon Web Services EC2, S3 and CloudFront, ensuring fast website delivery anywhere in the world.

Unlimited Storage

Load images, videos, icons, PDF's, documents, and more into Blux and store them on Amazon S3. Best of all, your assets will be automatically optimized to work across any device and connection speed.

Priority Human Support

Blux Pro Support is ready to serve customers throughout initial site builds and ongoing site support.

Workflow tools

A fully integrated workflow solution designed to obtain feedback on pages, staging and production environments and extremely granular team access.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will i pay for my website?

All BLUX plans are paid for on a monthly basis. At this time, there are no automatic annual plans however, annual plans can be managed directly through our support team.

Can I change plans?

Yes! Whether you choose the Pay-as-You-Go or the Premium plan, you can always switch from one plan to the other whenever you like.

What payment options do you offer?

BLUX accepts all major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Payments can also be made via check, Bitcoin or Litecoin as well.

Can you help me build my website?

BLUX has a Pro Services team that can help with many aspects of website planning and creation. All services are offered at an additional charge and is priced, based on scope, commitment and duration.

Are there any setup fees?

There are no setup fees for using BLUX. It is a self-service platform that lets you build your own websites. If you'd like assistance getting up and running or building custom websites, BLUX Pro Services is available at an additional charge.

Do I need to set up web hosting?

No! BLUX will host your websites on the Amazon Web Services cloud hosting platform as part of your paid plan. There are no additional fees for hosting beyond the standard monthly plans.

If I cancel my account, can I keep my site?

Yes! BLUX offers a site export feature which allows you to download all HTML, CSS and JavaScript files for your site. Keep in mind that downloading your site and hosting it elsewhere will disable all access to the BLUX application as well as all web hosting.

Will I have any long-term contracts?

All sites built in BLUX are on a monthly plan. You can cancel at any time.

How much are your bandwidth and storage fees?

If you use the Premium plan, there are no additional fees for bandwidth or storage. If you use the Pay-As-You-Go plan, the $5 monthly plan comes with 1GB of bandwidth and 1GB of storage. Additional GB's of bandwidth or storage are just $1 each per month.

Can I Use My Own Domain Name?

All sites built on BLUX automatically get a .blux subdomain. Once your site is on a paid plan, you can add your custom domain name to your site. Blux does not sell domain names but you can buy/use your domain name from any registrar.


Need help building your websites?
At an available charge that's based on the individual needs of your site, Blux Pro Services is ready to take your site to the next level.


Need to create hundreds of websites?
Blux was built to manage complexity with ease. With an available API that can automate site creation and adapt to your business, Blux can help streamline your business.
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