Blux was built from the ground up with agencies in mind. We understand how project requirements can seem to change in an instant. With Blux, you'll be able to minimize rework, custom development, infrastructure setup, and quality assurance.

Take On More Projects

Building responsive websites can take several weeks to many months to create. With Blux, if you have your content ready, sites can be created in just hours. You can build as many client sites as you want, all within one account and give controlled access to whomever you wish.

Tremendous Resource Efficiency

You used to have to hire very specialized teams to do the many tasks associated with a responsive website. Now, you get to build your agency around the things that matter most; content and amazing visual experiences. You create great content, you design it how it needs to be designed, then that same team can work together in real-time to implement the site they're trying to achieve within Blux.

Stop the Handoffs

Building sites in a waterfall approach can be tremendously inefficient. Your team can now continuously refine websites to get them exactly as they need. This reduces frustration and gets sites much closer to what your team is trying to achieve.

Extend When Necessary

It's frustrating to select a website platform then finding out there's many compromises your team has to make. Blux was built to allow your team to custom code front-end experiences and to integrate 3rd party applications wherever necessary. Using just HTML, CSS and JavaScript, developers can easily achieve very unique experiences. This results in very few limitations for your designers. When your clients ask if something is possible, the answer will frequently be "absolutely" vs. conducting loads of research on a platform that may or may not work.

No Infrastructure To Manage

Blux was built on top of Amazon Web Services in a manner that allows your websites to reliably scale all around the world. Your team has nothing to build, nothing to maintain, manage, or upgrade. Blux takes care of it all for you.

Free Until You're Live, Then Really Simple

Build websites completely and totally free until you publish them live.There are no special agency pricing models, just monthly pricing for each site you build with no long-term commitments. Just sign up, build your sites, select the desired monthly plan for those sites, then launch them.

Pro Support

Blux has a growing library of support articles and videos to help quickly learn or troubleshoot issues that you may come across. Need hands-on support from our Pro Support team? Need Blux to build the entire site for you? Options are available to suit the needs  of your team and clients.

Solutions for Your Entire Team


Build and integrate custom applications while taking advantage of cloud hosting.


Design and build beautiful responsive websites without having to write any code.

Content Creators

Rapidly manage website content while more effectively integrating SEO and social media efforts.

Content Management

Cloud Hosting

Design Tools


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