A Modern Approach to Search Engine Optimization
"What does Blux do to help with SEO?"

We get asked this question all the time. SEO has become such a common term, yet most websites don't really understand what goes into good search results. As a result, most websites are technically fighting the incredible content creation efforts that go into them.

Prior to building Blux, our team had previously built hundreds of websites of all shapes and sizes on many different platforms. Regardless of the website, they noticed many similar patterns...
  1. Improper website coding practices with little to no focus on web standards
  2. Improper infrastructure causing all types of speed and rendering issues
  3. Complicated and slow website content management systems
  4. Baseline SEO practices were ignored
  5. Retrofitting of SEO strategies on sites that were already improperly built (nearly all the time on this one)
  6. "Set it and forget it" content strategies
It's these sorts of frustrations that drove our team to create Blux in the first place. When planning out Blux, before our team ever touched a line of code, they made a list of what we wanted to accomplish in the platform...
  1. Enhance the positive content creation efforts of our customers
  2. Programatically automate many of the tedious practices related to optimizing website content
  3. Build screaming fast sites so that users have the best experience possible
  4. Provide a consistent experience on every device, with a strong focus on mobile
  5. Implement baseline best practices that will help site visibility and content organization
  6. Use the fastest infrastructure possible for fast delivery anywhere in the world
  7. Deliver perfect, standards-compliant code to all websites
Since Blux launched, our team has focused a lot on these areas and have also implemented dozens of new SEO-related features. The greatest focus we've had is to build websites that serve up ridiculously fast. Most of the websites built on Blux achieve perfect 100 out of 100 scores on the Google Pagespeed Test, which is an incredible feat that very few other website platforms offer. Here's a full list on everything that Blux does to help with SEO. Enjoy!
  • Perfect Google Pagespeed scores
  • Active SEO recommendations
  • Automated broken link checker
  • Standards-compliant HTML & CSS
  • Automatic sitemap.xml
  • Robots.txt
  • Minimal image footprint
  • Minimal code on each page
  • Minimal HTTP requests
  • Content delivery network
  • Cloud hosting
  • Site caching
  • GZip compression
  • Google Webmaster Tools integration
  • Bing Webmaster Tools integration
  • Semantic HTML markup
  • Image alt text
  • Page titles
  • Page meta descriptions
  • Custom, search-friendly URL's
  • HTTPS (free, instant SSL)
Lots more to come in the future. If you have any questions about SEO, feel free to drop us a line!