Meet Blux, A Progressive Web Application
Progressive Web Applications bring the experience of a native, offline-capable app to the web. The typical web app would depend on a reliable internet connection and would only be accessible by using your web browser to visit the URL where the app lives. Significant upgrades in modern web browsers have paved the way for web app developers to:
  • Install web apps to the home screen of a mobile device or tablet
  • Install web apps to windows
  • Package web apps like desktop applications for Windows, Mac, Linux (using frameworks like Electron)
  • Work offline
  • Work well with slow or unreliable internet connections
An "offline first" web application is designed to work well with a fast connection, slow connection, intermittent connection or completely offline. Traditionally a web application would make every request for a new page or to fetch/save data over the network. When a web application is built with the ability to work without an internet connection it can be faster and more reliable than a traditional web application. The network is the slowest and least reliable means of transporting data. A great offline-first web application will work as well as possible without a connection and can sync/request data as soon as there is a working internet connection available.

Blux was built from the ground up to be an incredibly powerful progressive web application.
We're not quite perfect yet but we're getting very close. When Blux is tested in Lighthouse, Blux scores a 92 out of 100. Comparably, most other popular web content management systems only achieve scores in the 40's or 50's.

Blux is available on your device and operating system of choice and will always be fast! Switch from using a desktop browser to an Android tablet or an iPhone. Using Blux will be an ideal experience on any modern device that you wish to use it on.