Tired of website projects taking too long, costing too much and using too many resources?

Take On More Projects

Building responsive websites can take weeks or even months to build. With BLUX, websites can be designed, built and launched in much less time.

Increase Profitability

With websites costing as little as $5 per month, you'll be able to create websites at a fraction of the cost of completely custom development or other hosted solutions.

Gain tremendous resource efficiency

You used to have to hire very specialized teams to build responsive websites. Now, you get to build your agency around the things that matter most; creating impactful content and stunning visual experiences.

"Websites are conceptualized, designed and launched with amazing speed. The learning curve is quick and our Creative department appreciates the speed in which their concepts and designs are brought to life. Plus, the support from the BLUX team is invaluable."

"BLUX allows us to design beautiful custom sites with a user-intuitive CMS in a fraction of the time of the traditional design-to-programmer workflow."

Continuous Optimization

Your team can now make immediate updates and continuously refine websites to get them exactly as they need. No more handoffs.

Zero Infrastructure

BLUX is built on top of AWS, which allows your websites to reliably scale anywhere in the world. Your team has nothing to build, maintain, manage, or upgrade.

Easily Extend BLUX

Using just HTML, CSS and JavaScript, your team can code front-end experiences. Then integrate any 3rd party application, wherever necessary.

Incredible SEO

Perfect Google Pagespeed scores and baseline SEO best practices right out of the box. Optimize websites further with an automated recommendations engine.

Professional Support

Get hands-on support or access a library of support articles to help quickly learn or troubleshoot issues that you may come across.

Free Until You Publish

Take as long as you need to build websites completely for free. No payment is required until you publish your websites.


BLUX has a growing list of agencies that use BLUX for their own websites as well as multiple client websites that range from landing pages to websites with hundreds of pages.

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