Built to streamline the development of responsive websites

Custom Coding, Fast Site Delivery, Data Integration, An API, And More, All Available In One Amazing Platform.

Build with JUST HTML, CSS & JavaScript

No server-side code to learn. No databases, servers to manage or frameworks. Add simple web components that combine HTML, CSS and JavaScript to extend your websites as far as you need.

Optimal Developer Workflow

BLUX enables a simple no-server/no-frameworks developer workflow for customizing websites. Just simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript is all that's needed. This makes it easy to find development resources who can quickly jump in and help you implement your vision for your websites. This simple approach to development means that many designers and web master's who know very little code can also be quite effective with BLUX.
Since all of the code for your site is managed within BLUX, you can easily add or modify developers at any time with very little technical knowledge. Simply grant access or remove access to anyone you wish to help you build your websites.

SCREAMING Fast Static Sites

Having a fast website is one of the best ways to provide a great user experience and increase conversions on any device. BLUX continuously researches and implements the best practices for great websites on all relevant devices and provides these benefits to your sites.

Amazon Cloud Hosting

Built on top of Amazon Web Services, using EC2, S3 CloudFront, and more. BLUX ensures incredibly fast website delivery anywhere in the world.

Asynchronous Loading

To reduce page load, everything that can be and should be asynchronous is loaded simultaneously for efficient content delivery.

Inlined Code

Automatically inline JavaScript and CSS for each individual website page. This approach delivers and extremely user experience and helps improve the performance of rendering each page.

Code Minification

Lengthy code can slow websites down on mobile devices. BLUX automatically minifies HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, reducing load time and providing a great user experience for your visitors.

Responsive Images

All images are automatically optimized and delivered at the proper width for the specific devices and pixel density, including retina displays. JPEG's are reduced with jpegtran, PNG's with optipng and pngquant, and GIF's use gifsicle.

Efficient Image Delivery

Image positions use responsive aspect ratio aware placeholders to optionally animate/fade in once fully downloaded. This helps ensure less reflow/repaint operations by web browsers and generally improves the site experience.

POWERFUL Feeds FOR Data Integration

Websites built on BLUX are static and fast but the ability to load in data dynamically a custom Feeds system is available. Feeds work using a simple JSON API to dynamically load in data from other sites such as social networks, websites, blogs, Google Docs, and many other sources.

Use Feeds to dynamically load your content from an external source such as WordPress, RSS or any CMS system. Feeds are a JSON API which can achieve any custom feature you night need.

Build your websites On Amazon Web Services

All websites are served through Amazon Web Services cloud hosting and optimized to provide the fastest browsing experience possible to your users. All websites are generated statically and deployed to Amazon S3. Sites are delivered using Amazon EC2 and Amazon CloudFront.

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