Rapidly Create custom experiences on any device

wireframe, Prototype, design and build responsive websites right in your browser.

Rapidly Design With Responsive Blocks

Iteratively build pages block by block. Structure blocks in many different ways to achieve any layout desires, then layer in content and perfect styling.

Flexible Design Tools

Sites created in BLUX are built to work on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. You can even customize further for specific devices.

Designers Can Code Too

Using the visual interface within BLUX, your designs will automatically turn into perfect, standards-compliant, lightweight code.

Responsive Media Tools

BLUX has an unparalleled media asset management system built from the ground up to allow for pixel-specific image, video, icon or other media asset delivery to any device.

Build For Any Device

Design websites both flexibly and consistently. Use block templates, global font styles, icon libraries, background patterns and more to bring your websites to life.

All The Fonts You'll Ever Need

BLUX has partnered with Adobe Fonts and Google Fonts to provide you with over 2,000 fonts to choose from. Best of all, add any font with just one click right within BLUX.

Staging & Live Environments

Publish your sites to a staging website for team and client reviews then go live for the world to see.

Collaboration Tools

BLUX allows for live, multi-user editing right within the browser. Now your team can easily work together on websites in real time.


BLUX is used for websites that range from landing pages to websites with hundreds of pages.

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