What you can do with Blux

A complete responsive website building solution


Use responsive blocks to create any page layout

Tweak Individual Blocks

Control the style, layout, text and media for each block.

Configure Sub-Blocks

Add blocks then add sub-blocks to achieve many different layouts.

Build Fast

Use pre-configured block layout options to rapidly build pages.


Quickly Create A Working Website Prototype In Just Minutes


Quickly configure navigation sections, styles and structures.

Page Templates

Browse page layout templates, start from scratch or copy from pages you've already created.

Block Templates

Quickly add placeholder content and layouts from pre-built, customizable block options


Quickly define and adjust your styles, colors and typography

Colors & Type

Control style, layout, text styles, and media for each individual block across all devices.

Adobe TypeKit & Google Fonts

Browse all web-safe fonts as well as over 2,000 Adobe Fonts and Google Fonts.

Style Buttons, Blocks & Forms

Control sub-block display. Sub-blocks are blocks inside other blocks that allow for custom visual layouts.


Create Custom Forms For Your Site To Collect Information From Your Visitors

Custom Forms

Add and re-order many different form input types (i.e. textfields, radio buttons, lists, etc.) within unlimited form structures.

Customize Styles

Browse provided form layout templates, create your own form or simply copy from forms you've already created

Email Notifications

Send each form submission as an email to any email address as well as customizable automatic email replies to visitors.


Quickly create sliders, grids & masonry layouts in just one click


Configure your sub-blocks to transition like a carousel

Masonry & Grids

Configure a multi-column grid or automatically place blocks according to size


Create tabbed content with unlimited layouts


Add reveal animations and other effects to add polish to your sites

Reveal Animations

Choose from reveal animations that display content as it comes into view

Background Effects

Configure Ken Burns or parallax effects on background images


Define how your navigation and blocks load and animate in


Select from an integrated library to keep file sizes small and looking good on all screens

Sweet Icon Library

Browse/search from over a thousand single path SVG icons

Any Color!

Select from any color using a custom color picker

Fast And Pretty

SVG Icons are very small and can be scaled to any size while still looking pixel perfect


Our "What You See Is What You Get" editor provides just the right amount of text formatting to allow you to edit your content while also making it look correct on all screen sizes without having to design for each screen size.

Block Positioning

Use the Blux text editor on any desktop, tablet or mobile device

Apply Global Styles

Reuse global styles to efficiently update text all over your site

Add Media Within Content

Achieve amazing blog posts and pages with media elements added within content areas


Blux feeds help enable content automation and integration with external data such as your social posts, blog, or any compatible API.

Create A Feed

Created a feed and configure where the data is going to come from

Use Feeds As Sub-Blocks

Select one or multiple feeds to use to use as sub-blocks

Social Integrated!

Display your social posts on your site automatically as if you created every new social post as it's own block.


You can use manually managed feeds to create and manage content that does not need to be designed. This is a great way to manage a list of locations, people, news & events or any regularly updated data for your site. Create a feed, select the feed in the feeds tab of a block and bam! You have automatically created sub-blocks and your content is automated.

Feeds For Content Management

"Manually Managed" feeds allow you to create new feed items with a title, body, media and any custom fields you like.

Content Automated!

Rather than manually created sub-blocks to be each item in a grid or each slide in a carousel you can use and configure feeds to be layed out just like sub-blocks.


You can create your own page templates and then publish a feed to the site. When configured, your site will publish the feed to any section/url you configure using a page template. Use this feature to automatically create product pages, a blog, or anything you can think of.

Create A Template

Create a template and use placeholder {{tags}} for your feed data to populate

Configure A Feed To Be Published

Create a feed and configure where the pages will be published

Content Automation

When you publish your site, each item in the feed will populate the template page and be published with your site.


Perfect Images Delivered

Any time you enable a media position on a block you can define different media or images to be used at different screen sizes. That way you can have a perfectly cropped image for each target screen size or change that video to a gif or image for smaller screens.


Extend your site with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Can you code even just a little? Extend and enhance your site with custom elements. Use custom elements on any media position. Use custom elements as blocks when using feeds. Use custom elements for overlays. Create a custom navigation or footer. Custom elements allow you to have total control over your site while still being able to use our editor to visually manage all of your layout and content.

HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Create a custom element to use your own code to enhance your site.

Use Custom Elements For Feed Templates, Navigation, Footer And Overlay Templates

Create a feed and configure where the pages will be published.

Easily Manage, Share & Customize Custom Code For Your Sites

All custom code used for your site is managed in one place. Easily get help, copy/paste and re-purpose code.


301 Redirects

Easily add proper 301 redirects to avoid SEO penalties when migrating to a new site or content.

Password-Protected Pages

Create a feed and configure where the pages will be published.

Automatic SSL/HTTPS

Blux automatically provisions a security certificate from let's encrypt to give your visitors the benefits of https and your website the SEO benefits of being available on https.

Download Your Site

One-click download of your entire site. All of your media, generated html files and your site data in JSON format so that your content can be more easily migrated to an alternate platform